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Here at Gravity Engine we like to have a laugh with anything that is gravity-powered.

It might be snowboarding down a mountain in the Alps, building and racing a Soapbox Racer and for this year we got on our bikes and cycled from the Irish sea to the North Sea.

Coast 2 Coast Mountain Biking 2005

Coast 2 Coast 2005For 2005, Joel had this plan - how about we bike from the West Coast to the East Coast for a bit of a laugh. We didn't need much persuading and so the C2C Biking Trip 2005 was born. The magnificent 7 gathered on sunny June day, 5 bikers : Joel, Andy, Toni, James & Dan. 2 support crew : Wez & Sarah and set of on the 146 mile trek from Whitehaven to Newcastle.

It wasn't easy biking through the Lake District and over the Pennines in all weathers, from blazing sunshine to thick fog and torrential rain but we prevailed.

More about Coast 2 Coast 2005 and Photo Galleries

Red Bull Soap Box Racing 2004

RedBull Soapbox Racing 2004So James had this idea, lets build a kart and race it in the Red Bull Soapbox Challenge.Not needing much persuading, we quickly assembled a team and built a giant Grimsby Fish - Halibut Lector and raced in the Red Bull Soapbox Race 2004.

It took ages to build and test and ended up with a broken shoulder but we all had a great time and we got to meet Murray Walker...

Read more and see all the photos from our Red Bull Soapbox Challenge

Snowboarding Galleries

Snowboarding GalleriesThe Gravityengine website concept was thought up on a ski lift half way up a mountain in the French Alps.

Orginally, this website served as a snowboarding gallery and although it has grown to be a lot more besides, here are all the cool photos that started this whole thing off.

Now with photos from Les Arcs, Courcheval, Morzine and the dry slope in Halifax. View Snowboarding Photos



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