Preparation for the Coast 2 Coast Bike Ride

Well to be honest there wasn't too much preparation. Toni went to the Gym a lot and we all got on the bikes in an attempt to get the leg power going. We had enlisted the help of Wez as a driver / expert cook and when Sarah said she could come as well we were almost sorted.

The main problem was working out the logistics of getting 7 people, 5 bikes, 2 cars, 8 tents, lots of spares, food and of course beer across the country. Wez and Sarah were our backup team and spent the week putting up and down tents, finding local supermarkets and smiling sweetly to get us into the only available local campsites. So thanks a lot guys, we couldn't have done it without your help.

Day 1 : Whitehaven to Keswick

First Night Photo Gallery

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