RedBull Soapbox Race 2004

Red Bull Soapbox Race 2004

So James had this idea, lets build a giant Grimsby Fish and race it in the Red Bull Soapbox Challenge 2004. And so began team "Moby and his Dicks" and the rest they say is history.

Check out how we built and tested 'Halibut Lector' and of course what happened on race day with the links below:

RedBull Soap Box Race Report

After weeks of building we finally got to race our giant fish at Knebworth Park and it was a right laugh, although not everything went to plan... James managed to break his collarbone testing the cart on Saturday.

Still, the team managed to repair the damage and with Paul as our stand-in driver we got a respectable placing in the overall standings. Read more

Final testing of the Cart

On Tuesday night we loaded the cart (now renamed Halibut Lector as it will eat up the competition) onto the back of a trailer and drove to a secret test location in darkest Lincolnshire. After picking up some supporters we headed the to top of the hill and closed off the road.
Read more

How to make a fish

After a month of painstaking work, we can now reveal the first photos our kart for the Red Bull Soap Box Race on the 8th August. Since the end of June, the team has been working tirelessly to build the outer body of the part-kart/part-fish.
Heres how construction took place.

First test run at Ecofest

We took our Red Bull Racer - Annette to the Summer Solstice celibrations at Ecofest in Lincolnshire. After a night partying the team took up their positions at the top of a rather steep hill.
Read about what happened

Our Kart taking shape

After a weekend of work, our soapbox racer is taking shape nicely.
We have the two bike frames secured together with steel, added the seat and we even have brakes.
Read more

Design approved by Red Bull

Got confirmation from Red Bull that our design for a fishy kart has been accepted. See the designs

Meet the Red Bull soap box team

So we had this idea, to build a soapbox racer in the shape of a giant Grimsby fish and compete in the Red Bull Soap Box Race on the 7th-8th August 2004. Read more

Your Comments

By Peter on 22nd 2005f September 2005, 21:31

I have been reading about your event on the internet.

I run a soap box time trial in Lincolnshire - see

Our competition is an annual event and we would like to publicise it to
prospective entrants. Are you up for it?

Thanks in anticipation.

Peter Thompson
By Mr Weeeweee on 08th 2006f January 2006, 12:17
ples could u tell me how to make a sope box racer
By Stephen on 16th 2006f January 2006, 23:27
Top cartie, fellas.

We run a similar event in the NE of Scotland that might interest you or your readers - the Catterline Cartie Challenge (


By Andy Baxter on 27th 2006f January 2006, 17:35
Thanks for the invites to your events, Scotland's a little bit of a trek from Grimsby, but we may have a go at the Lincolnshire event!
By Andy Baxter on 27th 2006f January 2006, 17:37
To all who have asked about building a Soap Box Cart, this was our 1st attempt, even we don't know how we did it!

Just follow the pictures on the website, they take you through every stage of the build, good luck!!
By tom philbrooks on 05th 2006f March 2006, 14:22
is there goin to be a down hill race this year if u no plz contact me on

By bob on 05th 2006f March 2006, 16:37
when is the next uk red bull soapbox derby
By Andy Baxter on 06th 2006f March 2006, 18:59
I don't think that Red Bull are doing one this year, it looks like they're only doing a Flugtag

Lincolnshire soap box time trials;

N.E Scotland cart racing;
By i fought the law but the law won!! on 18th 2006f April 2006, 22:43
yeah you fuckin nooz it!!

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