RedBull Soapbox Race 2004

First test run at Ecofest

We took our Red Bull Racer, Halibut Lector to the Summer Solstice celibrations at Ecofest in Lincolnshire. After a night partying the team took up their positions at the top of a rather steep hill. Nursing our hangovers we closed the road and Paul G donned as much armour as we could find for our first high speed test run.

A quick radio signal later and we were off... And she really does go! The kart was carefully steered around several high speed bends by Paul and down the final straight at breakneck speed. Thankfully, Paul's neck remained intact and he cruised to perfect finish.

A few minutes later and as we were preparing for the second run, the gremlins struck... Testing the steering before the run, a critical bolt broke so the testing would have to wait for another day. Not a disaster though (unlike what might have happened if the steering had broken half way through the run) as the bolt can be easily replaced.

So generally the team were quite impressed with Halibut Lector's first performance. Some of the photos here are from another test at Weelsby Woods.

22nd June 2004


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