RedBull Soapbox Race 2004

Final testing of our RedBull Soap Box Racer

At a secret location deep in the Lincolnshire Wolds, 6th August 2004

The team added some finishing touches to our Red Bull soap box racer this week and on Tuesday night we loaded the cart (now renamed Halibut Lector as it will eat up the competition) onto the back of a trailer and drove to a secret test location in darkest Lincolnshire. After picking up some supporters we headed the to top of the hill and closed off the road.

Dan and Paul gave the cart a push start and she was off! Skillfully piloted by James our first full test run was a complete success!. Soon after we loaded her up on the trailer and had a second go. This was even better... Using our secret patented start system this time the cart rocketted to a maximum speed of 34.8 mph!

Thanks to Wez and the rest of the gang, the votes have been pouring in on the official website. Moby and his Dicks are now seeded in 3rd place!

Just have a few extras to sort out now and the team is ready to race....


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By Sameul Bodington on 08th 2006f January 2006, 12:19
Nice!! Good Luck With a race that u enter!!!!!!!!!!

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